While in Japan on-top of Inariyama hill in southwestern Kyoto, Louie Perea began his career as a photographer after falling in love with the notion of capturing finite beauty within every moment behind the camera.

Louie has collaborated with international brands such as Jaupin, a handcrafted luxury sun glass company based in France. Louie has been published in Prolific World Wide magazine as well as the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops 2018 course catalog.

For the past two years consecutively Louie has received the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops Emerging Photographer scholarship for both 2018 & 2019. While at SFPWS, Louie had the opportunity to work with celebrity/editorial photographers Kurt Iswarienko and Jeff Lipsky. During this time Louie honed in his ability to mix artificial and natural lighting, soon after learning to follow the light and its beauty. Along with this new found philosophy of lighting, Louie began to take a different approach to viewing his subjects as simply just ‘models’ but rather as a natural environment with a series of layers that has to be understood and explored to produce truly unique and creative images.

As of now, Louie is pursuing a Bachelors Degree at the University of New Mexico, Focusing on Photography and Film Production.